PsyCris Stress Management Training

The PsyCris research project offers a stress management training specifically targeted at crisis managers. Participants will get familiar with effective stress management strategies. Strong emphasis is also put on communication and leadership skills in crisis management. Detailed information can be found here: Stress management training in German Stress management training in Spanish


European experts in disaster psychology comment on PsyCris recommendations for psychosocial support

PsyCris (Adler and Meyer, LMU) was able to meet with representatives of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) Standing Committee for Crisis and Disaster Psychology ( on 24th October 2015 in Lisbon for a joint evaluation process. Initiated by one of PsyCris’ External Scientific Advisory Board members, Marc Stein (Luxembourg), who is also a member of the respective Standing…


COPAO participates in an accident simulation in Granada

The group of Psychological Intervention in catastrophes, crises and emergencies of the COPAO were this weekend 24th and 25th in Guadix (Granada), in a drill organized by the Red Cross, within the cooperation agreement we have both institutions. It was inaugurated by the Mayor of Guadix, the President of the Cruz Roja in the province of Granada and our President…


PsyCris at the EHMA Annual Conference 2015 in the Netherlands

From 15th to 17th June 2015 the annual conference of the European Healthcare Management Association (EHMA) took place in Breda (the Netherlands). More than 300 participants from 36 countries discussed about evidence-based management and its conceptualization, application and implications in healthcare. As the conference was hosted in collaboration with the Dutch Armed Forces an interesting insight was given also into…


PsyCris presented at ISCRAM 2015 International Conference in Norway

In the track „Community Engagement”, which is chaired by Zeno Franco (University of Wisconsin, USA) and Tine Adler (LMU, Munich), PsyCris presented a short paper on “First Steps in the Development of an Internet-based Learning Platform for Strategic Crisis Managers”. Based on interviews with European crisis managers and other stakeholders, PsyCris identified specific learning requirements regarding psycho-social support in disaster…


Help people help themselves — Community resilience conference in Vilnius

The PsyCris partner “Kitokie projektai” organised the conference “Help people help themselves” on the 15th of May, 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania. One of the purposes of this conference was to screen and identify non-formal organisations that could be included in formal crisis management structures. The 58 participants were active members from various social initiatives in organisations, communities and the general…


PsyCris at 4th International Conference on Disaster Management and Human Health

This year’s International Conference on Disaster Management and Human Health took place from May 20th to May 22nd in Istanbul, Turkey. Speakers from around the world presented their research in the field of disaster monitoring and mitigation, preparedness, risk assessment, and security. Thus the participants could gain insights into the diverse approaches and various structures of disaster management within different…


PsyCris at the German Conference of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

This year’s German Conference of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy took place from May 14th to 16th in Dresden, Germany. Speakers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland reported about their basic and applied research in the categories of mental disorders, stress and care, child and adolesence psychotherapy, emotional control as well as diagnostic. In this regard, Amelie Janka (UMIT) presented results of…


Innovative stress management survey for crisis managers

In the context of our goal to develop procedures and tools that improve psychosocial support in crisis management we have developed an exciting new questionnaire on the topic of stress and stress management. With the help of this questionnaire we try to identify potential stressors and coping mechanisms. This information will be crucial for our goal to develop an adaptive…


PsyCris at Leadership Training of Red Cross in Upper-Austria

On the 24th of April Nina Lorenzoni (UMIT) attented a module of the Leadership Training of the Red Cross in Upper-Austria. The topic of the module was “Psychosocial services within the Red Cross”. She presented the PsyCris Project and gave a short introduction into the case study “Airplane Crash” which was a result of the project. The 27 participants then…


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